mariana / 20

about me

Hello, my name is Mariana and I’m 20 years old. This tumblr is currently a compilation of aesthetic images, movie screenshots and illustrations. I cannot assure you the future of this blog will be the same, but I’ve tried to maintain it relatively safe for work and as pleasing to the eye as it can get. I may sometimes upload crappy drawings I make, or daily musings from my life, as I take this to be some kind of diary to me.

As for myself, I am currently studying Industrial Design. I enjoy drawing, making mixes, photography and playing video games. I thoroughly love Japan’s culture, period movies, Reddit, Doctor Who and Sherlock. If you’re interested in my fandom based tumblr, send an ask. :)

Favorite movies:

28 Days Later, Donnie Darko, Never Let Me Go, The Virgin Suicides, Drive, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fight Club, any Ghibli film… the list goes on.

Favorite bands/compositors:

Beirut, Arcade Fire, Supercar, Grizzly Bear, Metronomy, The National,  Pogo, RAC, Yann Tiersen and Joe Hisaishi

Favorite Books:

The Virgin Suicides, El Túnel, 1Q84

Favorite Games:

Persona 3 & 4, Fire Emblem Awakening, Kingdom Hearts series, Professor Layton series, Portal 2, Zelda series and Left 4 Dead 2. Don’t hesitate to send an ask if you want to play sometime ;w;